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I'm not sure how much to sell my item for

Assigning a value to a collectible is a tricky game.  There are many factors that come into play when deciding on an asking price.  Scarcity of the item can drive prices to rise very quickly.  Outside factors may also come into play.  Sentimental value, story, and uniqueness also play a role in a buyers excitement and willingness to pay an elevated price.

Stack-n-Sell uses real data to create a "market value" that is a reasonable reflection of what sellers are actually being paid for items that have sold, but please understand, this is just a guideline.  You may feel like the item is worth far more than market value to you.

So how much should you sell your item for? It comes down to how quickly you want to sell. The platform groups all like coins into one "stack" and sells to buyers based on listed price, LOWEST FIRST. This means that listed items with the most reasonable price will receive offers and sell quicker than those with a higher price, and some items that are very high priced items may never see any offers at all.  If you need to sell your item more quickly then consider pricing the item more competitively,

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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