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I cant find the "list for sale" button on some of my items

If the "list for sale" button is missing from the sidebar on your listing there are a couple things that might cause this.  

At launch, we are only allowing graded items that have been successfully scanned into your stack to be sold. If you manually added an item, but did not scan it in, it will need to be deleted and scanned into your stack.  For now, this means that we will only allow the sale of graded (PCGS and NGC) items.

When you purchase an item, and it is "in transit" the button will not appear.  We only allow you to list for sale (or edit) the items you have in your possession.  As soon as the items has been delivered the "list for sale" button will appear.

If an items is already for sale, we remove the "list for sale" button, and replace it with a "modify listing" button.

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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