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My item arrived and no card was included

As noted when you made and confirmed the offer, only the graded item was included with your shipment.

The fact that the item has been graded and evaluated by a reputable grading company offers certainty that is was graded to be an authentic specimen.  We validate that the item was not tampered with in any way and that the holder still contains an authentic specimen and of the grade issued by the grader.  Other packaging materials, including holders, marketing cards, and other COA typically useful for authenticating non-graded items are not items authenticate as part of the transaction.

Many users have requested to have an informational card printed and delivered along with the graded coin.  We are currently working with the supplier of these cards to see if that is something we can offer as an option for items that have them availiable.  As that option becomes available we will definitely offer them to members who wish to purchase them.

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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