Why do some of my coins show MSRP and not Market Value?

Stack-n-Sell changed some of the market values to MSRP to address two issues-especially for the AutoSaver coins that have a long run time from the primary market. The first is to address the issue when there isn't sufficient market data to reflect a true secondary market value. The second is to more fairly weight the number of coins that are continually being sold at the MSRP price until they are out of stock from the primary vendor (7k in the case of the autosaver). Broad adjustments were made across the AutoSaver coins setting them to MSRP as the baseline and now we are tackling them one by one to reflect either the MSRP if they are still being sold by 7k, or to reflect the market value if they are no longer being sold on the primary market.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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