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My coin won't scan

Scanning items generally works pretty flawlessly, but there are some things that can at times trip things up at times.  Remember these tips:

The browser will ask for permission to use the camera on the device, be sure to approve this request.
The holder will in certain lighting conditions create a glare that can get in the way of the barcode.
Low lighting makes it difficult for many cameras to focus, seek out plenty of natural light, be sure the image in the view finder is in focus.
Place the barcode in the center of the scanning line, and fill the frame. Sometimes it is better to zoom the camera rather than move the camera too close (which can create focus issues for some cameras)
Some barcodes (particularly PCGS) can be cut off and are not readable.  You will need to add those items to your stack manually.
More modern mobile phones are the best to scan with. Laptop cameras are notoriously low quality and have a more difficult time.

If you continue to have any issues feel free to reach out to our support team ( and include a photo of the item you are having issues with.

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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