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What is the sound money wallet?

The Sound Money Wallet is a platform that allows users to purchase fractional gold and silver and a platform to store that gold and silver to later sell back (convert) immediately to cash.  Or request that the physical silver and gold be delivered to a member via mail.

Once linked, the cash ledger balance in a sound money wallet may be used inside Stack-n-Sell as a form of payment to purchase items from the marketplace. The linked Sound Money Wallet may also be used to receive funds for sellers who have sold items in the marketplace.  

Adding the Sound Money Wallet as a form of payment is easy. On the settings page, there is a link to add a new form of payment.  The default "type" is credit card, but selecting "sound money wallet" from the drop down will expose the token input form.  A valid token is required and can be generated in the Sound Money Wallet via the "3rd Party Application" setup, more instruction on how to obtain the token can be  found here.

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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